Make it simple: create a coffee bar at home

2021-11-05 06:05:34 By : Mr. Anthony Tsai

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Montoville, New Jersey, November 4, 2021/PRNewswire/-Coffee trends continue to evolve, but their popularity remains consistent. Two-thirds of American adults drink coffee every day, and nearly half of them buy it at coffee shops, restaurants or convenience stores. According to Capresso, family coffee bars are becoming popular due to the combination of beverages and lifestyle trends.

Convenience rules. Many people work from home or spend more time there, while others start busy schedules. Either way, there is not enough time in a day, and the family coffee bar can save time and shorten the waiting time for picking me up with a cup every morning. Experience the best brewing with Capresso Café Select. The 15 bar pump provides the best pressure for the rich crema. The thin foam layer is a sign of a perfectly prepared espresso. When paired with the Capresso Infinity Plus cone burr grinder, the grinding range is very wide, from ultra-fine Turkish to coarse grains. This is a commercial grade solid tapered steel burr with an advanced cutting design for high-precision grinding.

Go for good food. Consumers today know that all coffee is not created equal. To get a better cup, use fresh water and grind the whole bean before brewing. Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS grinds the whole coffee beans and brews them into 10 cups of stainless steel thermos, keeping the coffee at the perfect temperature for several hours without reheating. There are five fineness settings, suitable for light to dark beans, and a charcoal water filter that can remove up to 82% of chlorine and other impurities.

Interesting bubbling. Foamed or steamed milk plays an important role in cappuccino, latte, milk steamer, etc. Capresso Foam Select has four settings: cold foam, hot foam, hot milk or hot chocolate. In addition to the foaming or steaming of coffee characteristics, it can also use chocolate chips or chocolate blocks, or powdered or liquid chocolate to make foamed hot chocolate. Simple one-button operation, and dishwasher-safe stainless steel milk jug with a handle to keep cool.

Budget advantage. Compared with buying coffee and tea outside, home drink bars can pay for themselves. The programmable H2O Select kettle can brew any type of tea, with 11 temperature settings, keep warm, and reduce chlorine and extend the boiling setting to purify the taste of the water. For further savings and convenience, please pour your brewed wine into a portable airless bottle and carry it with you all day.

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