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Product Name: Stainless steel composite panel ,round hole perforated stainless steel sheet, stainless steel sheet price 202, corrugated stainless steel sheet, sheet stainless steel price, stainless steel sheet cutting machine,stainless steel 304 sheet ,Introduction: Metal Composite Panel is sandwich panel that is composed of 2 m

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Product Name: Stainless steel composite panel ,round hole perforated stainless steel sheet, stainless steel sheet price 202, corrugated stainless steel sheet, sheet stainless steel price, stainless steel sheet cutting machine,stainless steel 304 sheet ,

Introduction: Metal Composite Panel is sandwich panel that is composed of 2 metal sheets (aluminum, copper, zinc or stainless steel) bonded to a thermal plastic core (or FR core).

Characteristic of metal composite panels:

Super flatness
High panel rigidity
Light weighted
Economic cost
Various colors
Easy fabrication & Installation
Good Anti-UV property
Good impact resistance

Specification of BOLLIYA Metal Composite Pane
MaterialStainless Steel
Finish TypesMirror, Brushed, Dull, Embossed
Panel Thickness2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm upto 15mm
Stainless Steel Skin Thickness0.3mm ,0.4mm, 0.5mm
Grade of stainless steel304, 316, 220M
Panel Width1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
Panel Length2440mm, 4880mm, 5000mm, 5800mm
CoreLDPE core, Mineral Filled FR core

BOLLIYA factory at a glance:

Year Established
Production Lines1 high-speed coating line (runs at 30meter/minute)
2 ACP lamination line (runs at 6meter/minute)
Production Capacity8000sq.m of 4mm panel a day (2 containers)
Management SystemsISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO18001
Product QualityComplies with CE, ASTM, EN, BS norms
Production RangeAluminum Composite Panel
Copper Composite Panel
Stainless Steel Composite Panel
Titanium-zinc Composite Panel
Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
Sandwich Panels

How do we guarantee our product quality?
We have 3 strict quality control procedures to ensure our product quality.
Step 1: We choose top quality raw materials
PVDF paints: PPG and Beckers
Aluminum Coil: Chalco
Copper Coil: Aurubis
Titanium Zinc Coil: Rheinzink
Stainless Steel Coil: NSSC, POSCO, Bao Steel

Step 2: High-tech and high precision coating line and lamination line, strict quality inspection during color coating process, lamination process and packing process
Coating process: Aluminum thickness, color deviation, gloss rate, coating thickness, T-bend, pencil hardness, paint adhesion etc, were fully inspected according to AAMA620 norms.

Lamination process: Peeling Strength, panel thickness, panel width & length, diagonal, panel surface are fully inspected accordingly to ACP industry standard.

Packing and container loading process: Visual quality re-check

Step 3: Third party tests. We cooperate with SGS, TUV, Intertek to conduct quality tests on our product. Below is test results done on our product (done by SGS):
NoTest itemTest methodTest conditionResult
1Coating           thicknessASTM D7091-05-27.0µm
2GlossASTM D523-0860° geometry27
3Pencil             hardnessASTM D3363                -05(2011)Pencil: Mitsubishi®scratch hardness: 2H          (see note 1)
4Bend         resistanceASTM D3363                -05(2011)                method A-No cracking at the minimum mandrel diameter(3mm)
5AdhesionASTM D7091-05e2    method BTape: Permacel 99           Space: 1mmClassification: 5B                (see note 2)
6Impact      resistanceASTM D2794                -93(2010)Diameter of the punch:    12.7mm                           Impact model: intrusionImpact failure end point: 1.3kg·m
7Abrasion   resistanceASTM D968-          05(2010) method ALitres of abrasive: 76.0L   Coating thickness: 0.99milAbrasion resistance:     76.8L/mil
8Water      resistanceASTM D870-09Immersion, 99ºC,2hAppearance:                            No visual change
9Dirty resistanceASTM D2064                -91(2008)Cheesecloth: 40×40mm            4 intact layers                        No. 8 rubber stopper            lead: 500g                   condition: 60ºC,1hNumberical value:10             (see note 3)
10Alkali         resistanceASTM D1308-     02(2007)               clause 7.210 drops of 1%(m/m)NaOH  Spot test, 16h                       (see note 4)Appearance:                            No visual change
11Acid resistance10 drops of 1%(m/m)H2SO4  Spot test, 16h                       (see note 4)Appearance:                            No visual change
12Oil resistanceEdible oilAppearance:                            No visual change
13Solvent          resistanceASTM D5402                -06(2011)                method ASolvent: MEK                       Rub rate: 1cycle/s            Number of double rubs:25cycles                    (see note 4)Appearance:                            No visual change
14Color retentionAAMA 2605-2005      7.1Take a random point on the sample as color standardE*ab=0.20                         (See note 5)
15Adhesion       reverse impact   1/6" crosshatchWith reference to  ASTM D3359-09e2 method B and      client's requirementDiameter pf the punch: 12.7mm impact model: extrusion    Space: 1/6inch                   Tape: Permacel 99Classification: 5B               (See note 2)
16Coefficient of linear thermal expansionASTM D696-08Test temperature range : Ramp 10ºC/min from -30ºC to 30ºCPurge gas: Nitrogen (N2), Purity 99.995%                                 Flow rate: 50ml/min. Measurement Direction: Thickness193.8×10-6µm/m·ºC             (see test spectrum)
17DensityASTM D792-08     method BAbsolute alcohol, 23±0.5ºC1.449g/cm3
18Tensile strengthASTM D638-10Specimen: Type I specimen thickness: 3.95mm Testing speed; 50mm/min61.6MPa
19Flexural strengthASTM D790-10 Procedure A and    client's requirementSpecimen: 128×13.17×3.96mm Testing speed: 1.7mm/min Span: 64mm128MPa
20Flexural modulus11720MPa
21Sheer strengthASTM D732-10Specimen thickness: 3.94mm Punch diameter: 25.0mm Separation speed: 1.3mm/min34.2MPa
22Shear resistance10594N
23180° Peel strengthASTM D903-98(2010)Specimen width: 25mm     Testing speed: 152.4mm/min0.95kg/mm
24Peel torqueWith reference to  ASTM D1781-98(2004) and client's requirementCondition: Dip in 100ºC boilding water, 20min→                    23±2ºC, 50±5%RH, 24h sSpecimen width: 25.0mm Testing speed: 25mm/min14.6kg/mm
25Heat deflection temperatureWith reference to  ASTM D648-07   Method B and client's requirementSpecimen width: 13.52mm Specimen depth:4.05mm     Rate of temperature: 120ºC/h          Load: 1.82MPA97.3ºC(see note 6)

Packing and Loading:

Packing Method
Loading Quantity for 3mmLoading Quantity for 4mm
Wooden Pallet1500pcs1100pcs
In Bulk (nude packing)2000pcs1400pcs

Typical Project List:

AluminumBeijing National Conventional Center100,000 m2
Linghai Pearl Building8,000m2
Melbourne Airport20,000m2
Costa Rica Liberia Airport10,000m2
Malaysia Lingbang Plaza30,000m2
Guangzhou Asian Steel Centre3,000m2
Copper626 1st Avenue Manhattan35,000m2
Tongling Museum2,000m2
AHQ Army Complex Bangladesh1,500m2
Guangxi Tianlong Apartment3,000m2
Elegant Residential Apartment France1,000m2
Guangzhou Dayi Villa1,000m2
Stainless SteelMalaysia Exim Bank3,000m2
Palacio de Hierro de Jalisco, Mexico5,000m2
R&F Building Guangzhou10,000m2
VTB Bank Vietnam35,000m2

Stainless Steel Sheet Price 202 Corrugated Stainless Steel Sheet

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