Eliminate flow interference caused by crowded equipment conditions

2021-11-22 02:33:46 By : Ms. Vivian Xu

Engineers facing flowmeter inaccuracy and repeatability issues under crowded factory conditions will want to watch a new video featuring "Vortab Flow Conditioners".

This video explains how air, gas, and liquid flow measurements can be operated in confined equipment areas in restricted pipelines, leading to significant improvements wherever compliance with the flowmeter manufacturer's pipeline requirements is impractical or impossible.  

The Vortab flow regulator overcomes this challenge by providing a uniform, vortex-free flow distribution map to the flowmeter inlet, allowing accurate and repeatable measurements with only a few pipe diameters. Upstream flow disruptors, such as pumps, elbows, expanders or reducers, and valves, often produce uneven, non-repeatable, and swirling fluid flows into the meter. These flow disruptors can affect the ability of the flow sensor to accurately and consistently measure fluid flow.   

The turbulent flow conditions in the pipeline not only affect the accuracy of the flow meter, but also cause premature wear of pumps, valves and other equipment, requiring additional maintenance cycles and/or equipment replacement before the normal life cycle. Swirl also affects product output, energy costs, process quality, etc.   

The Vortab process flow regulator has a unique flow profile and anti-vortex sheet design that can correct fluid disturbances to simulate sufficient straight pipe sections and produce highly repeatable symmetrical flow profiles. The Vortab flow regulator has proven to be the lowest pressure drop flow regulation technology in the industry, reducing energy costs and minimizing process design considerations. Their use also eliminates the cost of additional piping and technicians for additional length of straight pipe sections and/or mobile equipment to accommodate new pump labor.  

In long straight pipe sections, due to diffusion, friction and turbulence mixing, vortex reduction and velocity profile correction naturally occur. The anti-vortex and oblique vortex generation profile correction sheet of the Vortab flow regulator protrudes from the inner surface of the pipe to generate vortex, accelerate these natural pipe effects, and create a uniform, non-vortex, and symmetrical flow profile in a shorter pipe section.

The simple and flexible design of the Vortab insert plate (VIP type), Vortab elbow (VEL type) and Vortab insert sleeve (VIS type) configuration provides a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution that supports correct pump installation. They can be made of carbon steel, 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy C-276, and almost any pipe size can be used. Various process connections are also available-ANSI flanges, NPT external threads, butt welded preforms or fixed wafers.  

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